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My Buggy Buddy Cup/Bottle holder Competition

I am a huge fan of the My Buggy Buddy Clip and we have previously given one away as a competition prize. The clips are amazing very strong and sturdy as well as Continue reading “My Buggy Buddy Cup/Bottle holder Competition”


Zoobles Mama and Zoobling Nurturing Nursery playset review

The lovely people at spinmaster toys provided us with a Zoobles Nursery Playset last week and I have hardly seen my daughter since! Seren is a  HUGE fan of Zoobles, and while all the other children in her school seem to have adopted the new Moshi Monsters craze she has got her own little zooble obsession that keeps her safe from the chaos of card swapping and arguing that has since been banned from the playground!

When it arrived last week we were very impressed with this new playset as it had Continue reading “Zoobles Mama and Zoobling Nurturing Nursery playset review”